Friday, 8 February 2008

My Adidas

The iconic brand of Adidas have launched a new advert that traces the history of their trainers. The commercial, which airs this week sees Adidas creator, Adi Dassler in his workshop coming up with dynamic concepts. The short memorial goes on to feature other Adidas icons such as Muhammed Ali, Run DMC and Bob Marley. Now I am not a real trainer fan, in fact I have had the same pair of trainers for the last seven years; the Adidas original with three stripes. I bought them on a vacation in Sydney and these ones were white with light green stripes. To say that trainers are big money these days would be a complete understatement, the whole sport industry is worth gazillions. Nike is the big player of course with other brands following suit such as Reebok, Converse, Puma and of course Adidas. Apart from the Nike store which I really like having a browse through for inspiration, Nike does not really do it for me. I find their approach a bit too generic and their clothes very overpriced and unoriginal. I do admire their marketing tricks and find a lot of their adverts very engaging. The brand that is after my heart is Adidas as they represent everything that Nike isn't which is more edgy and slightly elusive. Basically Adidas is the Apple of the sportswear market and has a vintage image that was gained from the early days of hip hop. Rap legends, Run DMC were avid supporters of the brand and even penned a song called 'My Adidas.' Since then the brand has been through leaps and bounds and they broke through during 1998 when they produced some amazing adverts starring footballers Zinedine Zidane, Alessandro Del Piero, Patrick Kluivert and David Beckham. Those adverts were beautifully shot and very dramatic. A few years later they followed with the basketball adverts where the likes of Vince Carter showed off some breath taking skills. Adidas was here to stay and they were not going anywhere. Since then Adidas have had a mouth watering list of sports stars on its roster such as Patrick Kluivert, Anna Kournikova, Zinedine Zidane, Kobe Bryant, Sergio Garcia, Donavan Bailey and of course David Beckham and they have all made their mark.

I have been wearing my old Adidas quite a bit lately on my way to and from work as my poor feet cannot do heels 24/7 anymore. Last year I decided that my old pair were a but beat up and went looking for a replacement. I saw a really nice pair of white ones with pink stripes, yeah really girly girly but I liked them. I was expecting to pay around £50 but I was surprised when the sales assistant told me that they had been reduced to £19.99. Not bad eh. The problem is that they are sooo white that I am kind of scared to wear them. I mean we are talking pristine white here At the moment they are still in the cool blue box that they came in till I pluck up the courage to put them on.

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