Friday, 5 September 2008


Despite the new offspring of Beverly Hills 90210 gaining record ratings of 4.9 million viewers on its debut night, the show does not seem to be liked by all and sundry. Numerous bloggers have declared their disappointment with the new rehash and popular culture website, Gawker dismissed it as completely bland. Well I will throw caution to the wind and say that I liked it - a lot. I thought 90210 was funny, very glam, heart warming and very relevant to today's pop culture. The show kicked off with a two hour special on Tuesday night where we saw the Wilson family moving from Kansas to start a new life in the swishy Beverly Hills. The Wilsons consist of Dad Harry played by Rob Estes (from Melrose Place), Mom Debbie played by Lori Loughlin, daughter, Annie played by Shenae Grimes and adopted son, Dixon played by Tristan Wilds. The family take up residence in a mansion with Harry's mother, Tabitha played by Jessica Walters. Harry who was born and raised in Beverly Hills is now the new principal of West Beverly Hills High and has to juggle his role as father and head of school to Annie and Dixon.

Any teenager will tell you that switching schools is never easy and more so when entering a school as cliquey and snobby as West Beverly Hills High. After a few minor setbacks, Annie and Dixon begin to settle in and make friends and take part in activities. Shenae is very endearing as Annie and the 'Brandon' of the show with her eternal optimism while Tristan turns in a great performance as Dixon. Other notable characters are Queen Bee, Naomi played by AnnaLynne McCord and her on and off boyfriend, Ethan played by Dustin Milligan. Yes ok the interracial adoption with Dixon does seem a bit off key and not at all well developed and the fashion is nowhere as good as Gossip Girl but hey what it loses in these categories it makes up in other areas. For a start the soundtrack is slamming and meshes really well into the scenes. You can tell that the producers have taken a leaf out of The OC creater, Josh Schwartz's book. Also the side kicks are top notch, unlike other shows that throw in unforgettable characters who do not detract from the main protagonist, 90210 gives us the super cool Navid played by Michael Steger and funky boho Silver played by Jessica Stroup; half sister of Kelly Taylor and David Silver for you Beverly Hills 90210 veterans out there. Even the adults get their own story lines with Harry having to deal with a secret from his past. Also with trendy school teacher, Ryan and fellow alumni Brenda and Kelly thrown in to the mix I think this will help to shape the show into a fantastic post modern teen soap.

BTW I am totally loving the knee length socks that are donned by the girls, if I was a decade younger I would be wearing them.

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Jamal Bonner said...

So what are the chances The Hills morph into Melrose Place?

SolShine7 said...

Cool blog! I found you via Brown Girl Gumbo.

I watched the pilot episode of 90210 (at least the first 10 minutes of it) and it was a total letdown. I'll be better off buying the first season of the original on DVD.