Friday, 26 September 2008

British Style Genius

Oooooh I love a good fashion programme; especially the creativity, glamour, eccentricity and lavishness of it all. The fashion season is approaching its last leg in Paris where all the amazing fashion houses will be showing their wonderful wares. Unlike NYC, Milan and Paris, the fashion industry in Britain does not reek of cash but instead makes up for creativity. Stars such as Dita Von Teese, Mischa Barton, Gwen Stefani flock to London Fashion Week to see original and fresh designers such as Henry Holland, Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane at work. To capitalise on this pool of talent, BBC are launching the British Fashion Season which is a selection of programmes that make a fashion statement.

There is the Twiggy Style Exchange that which shows the diminutive 60s star hosting clothes swapping parties and giving us tips on how to re-style old clothes with Grazia's Paula Reed on hand with top fashion tips. Check out the website here. The Beeb take a blast back to the past by reminiscing on the style from different eras. Men, Women and Clothes: How Fashions Come and Go reveals what it would be like to be stylish through over 250 years of British history.

Last but not least is British Style Genius a five part documentary that provides a fascinating insight into what makes British fashion and style innovative and so influential. The series uses couture houses in Paris which are and have been headed by Brits as an example. Each show is one hour and takes each dimension of British fashion from high street, tailored, rebel, country and street. Designers, models, stylists fashion journos, retail shakers and movers as well as the stars are featured in the show and all agree on one thing; Britain rocks!

British Style Genius airs on BBC2 in October

For all you eco fashionistas, check out BBC's online ethical fashion magazine here.

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the BBC obviously read your blog and agreed with you that there wasn't enough fashion on tv!