Tuesday, 16 September 2008

London Fashion Week - September 08

It is that time of year again when we all put on our high heels and fancy frocks and head down to the Natural History Museum for London Fashion Week. That was how I spent my Monday taking in the collections by Wildlifeworks and Olanic, that is when I was not hanging out at the sub zero press office with the lovely Michelle Obi from myfashionlife and checking out the exhibition. It was just what I expected from LFW; original, creative and stylish with an uber cool vibe in the air.

The thing that stands out about LFW are the events that run alongside it. As well as the numerous parties, launches and receptions there are fantastic fashion shows that run off schedule from the main fashion shows. On/Off and Vauxhall Fashion Scout are the main two and the idea of these shows is to allow up and coming designers who cannot afford to show to LFW an avenue to show their collection. So while On/Off takes up residence at the the Royal Academy of Arts, Vauxhall Fashion Scout makes its base on Cromwell Road. Each venue comes with its own press office complete with laptops, publications and footage of the shows.

On/Off events
In it's ninth year, On/Off prides itself in nurturing new talent in the UK and have established themselves as the trendiest designer exhibition showcase. Considering that they have talent such as Sinha Stanic, Jasper Conran and Louise Amstrup onboard this is no surprise. However, On/Off is now much more than a showcase; the brand has launched the On/Off boutique with Oli.co.uk and have also embraced technology by producing video podcasts of all catwalk shows which are available to download from iTunes, Youtube as well as the On/Off website. The brand is also making it's debut at Paris Fashion Week.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout
This is the largest catwalk event in London for emerging designers and features 20 exciting shows over the course of LFW. Designers such as Jens Laugesen, Aganovich, Avsh Alom Gur, Peter Pilotto and Felder Felder have glided through. The most striking aspect about Vauxhall is the funky and vibrant press office that is located upstairs. Taking the theme from Morocco, the press office has drapes made from North African influence with beaded cushions lying casually on the sofas. Trust me it is superfly.

With all these countless activities the mind boggles when you hear the shocking news that the country's finest fashion show may be reduced from six days to four. It seems that our pals across the Atlantic are pushing for New York Fashion Week to be put back so it does not clash with Labour Day celebrations and with Milan Fashion Week refusing to budge this puts the pressure on LFW. The decision is set to be announced tomorrow so you can imagine that the British Fashion Council along with all the Brit fashionistas will be glued to the news.

Well it's smiles all round today as it has just been announced that London Fashion Week will be keeping their five days. An agreement was reached by all four fashion meccas which will accommodate all events.

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'd love to attend London's Fashion Week one day!! :-)

Style Canteen said...

hey there, did you enjoy LFW !lots of shows not enough time. lovely to see you Ondo Lady. did you catch aganovich 0.0 directed by jez tozer on showstudio.com, it was my was last event.. fashion & film & art and the internet ..well worth a watch.

Anonymous said...

i really like that you are taking a different slant on LFW - not just reporting on the latest collections by the big name, and often passé, designers.

your post reminded me that i love clothes and individual style - i've just been put-off in recent years by mainstream fashion and body fascism.

so to continue the celebration of truly interesting clothes, i'd like to suggest the following street style pages. IMHO, forget paris, NYC & london - moscow, istanbul & manila is where it's at!