Tuesday, 9 September 2008

He's Just Not That Into You

Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City when Burger gave Miranda a few tips on guys? She'd been out on a date but the guy had not called her and Miranda who is an astute and savvy woman could not work out why. Burger nailed it in six simple words; he's just not that into you. There it was, one sentence that would go on to set millions of women free. Then some clever dickey bird (or two to be precise) decided to put it all in a book. Greg Behrendt (who briefly worked as a writer on S&TC) and Liz Tuccillo gave us He's Just Not That Into You, a book that would act as a guide to women about men and dating. The book is divided into chapters and set out in a Q&A format and every dating scenario that you could imagine is covered. Here are a few:

1. He is afraid to get hurt
2. He does not want to ruin the friendship
3. Maybe he is intimidated by me
4. He did not call because he lost his phone, got run over, was caught in a tropical rain forest etc....

The answer is the same - He is just not that into you!

This book was published in 2004 and became a New York Times Bestseller and was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

So like all successful books, Hollywood just had to turn it into a movie and with such a catchy title how could it not be. The culprit this time is Drew Barrymore who has bought the rights to the film. As well as starring in it she has a stellar cast of Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlet Johansson, Jennifer Connelly and Ben Affleck. The film focuses on four couples in their twenties and thirties where one partner is more into the other person. I am sure I am not the only one who will admit that the book really did strike a cord with me and it really gives you an insight into the way men behave. The film trailer looks hilarious and had me in stitches and I can definitely say it is on my 'got to see' list.

He's Just Not That Into You is released in February 2009.

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cinnamonqueen said...

Oh I am so going to see this when it comes out.

Lady I am feeling your blog - you should be writing for BHF, you know? ;)

princesa said...

looks like a movie i'll love to see.
How u been madam?

Anonymous said...

well if you like it, i'm going to give the book a go

i can't promise the same re the film, it's got that beautiful, but itensely wooden, johannson woman in it


My Fashion Frenzy said...

I really enjoy your blog. =)

coco said...

I've been wanting to see this for a long time. I think I will really like it, though I think the trailer could have been better. It seems like everyone is in this film though.

Diva Bugs said...

Great post. It should be an interesting movie but I think potential viewers might not be into the "he's just not that into you" as much anymore. But we shall see....