Monday, 20 April 2009

Britain's Next Top Model

Poor old Britain's Next Top Model aka BNTM has always been the very poor relation to the glittery, America's Next Top Model aka ANTM. Despite a decent promotional push this show has always struggled to nab decent ratings as well as respectability. It is a real shame because the models in the show actually look like they could have a career as a proper model unlike their counterparts in the US who look like your average Joanna or at best a catalogue model. BNTM is now five years old (I know I can't believe it either) and to commemorate this occasion, Living has stepped up a gear by launching a huge marketing campaign that kicked off six weeks ago. Enter a brand new concept for the show that is based on a 'New Model Army' which is basically a take on the 40s style wartime with presenter, Lisa Snowdon as the commander of the troop.

We have been bombarded with TV ads on Channel4, E4, ITV2 and MTV and BNTM has been dominant in websites such as Heatworld and The all new BNTM concept has been produced on over 3000 posters which have appeared in shopping centres such as Bluewater, Lakeside, Birmingham's Bullring and Trafford Centre, and Westfield shopping centre. As a marketer I will put my hands up and say, a job well done - Holler, the creative team behind the campaignn should pat themselves on the back for doing a 180 on what was a tired show and representing it into a sexy and glamorous product. The effect has been amazing with fantastic imagery that emphasises the 'cool' in Britannia. With Lisa Snowdon going up the list in the celebdom after her stint in Strictly Come Dancing I am sure the show will gain more viewers so lets hope that the content is up to par. With the talent we have in this country and our reputation in fashion, this show should really be up there with ANTM.

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queenofsheba said...

I'm watching it amount of marketing can make this show comparable to ANTM. The British girls lack personality, and I don't think Lisa Snowden is a true rep of the modelling industry (to the average person on the street in any event!).