Saturday, 4 April 2009

Picture Me

Picture Me Trailer

Remember the online reality series, Models Live which documented the lives of aspiring models, Cato, Austria and Madeline? Well if you got hooked on that show then you will be interested in hearing about Picture Me which is a new film that delves into the super competitive world of catwalk modelling. The expose is the baby of model, Sara Ziff (face of Burberry) and director, Ole Schell who have collaborated to make this cool indie film. Unlike Models Live which followed the models over a season, Picture Me follows Ziff's career for several years; from her debut onto the scene as a fresh faced newbie to a seasoned pro whose faces is on billboards and magazines. We are also privy to photo shoots with famous photographers and runway shows in Milan, New York, Paris as well as in depth interviews with designers, Karl Lagerfeld, Hussein Chalayan, Nicole Miller and photographer Gilles Bensimone. Models, Missy Rayder, Tanya D and Irina Lazareanu are also thrown into the mix.

The trailer certainly looks interesting enough with great footage from the shows and location shoots and I am sure it would have made a superb TV documentary but I am not sure how well it will translate to the big screen. Still I guess it remains to be seen and all will be revealed on Monday when Picture Me makes it's debut at the 14th Annual Gen Art Film Festival. The event is a travelling festival that takes place in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and LA and showcases emerging and independent North American film makers. New Gen is currently running in New York and is in the middle of a week of film premieres and parties and so I am sure Picture Me will fit in.

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coco said...

This looks really interesting. I can't resist watching things about models, I find it so thrilling. I love America's Next Top Model, which is trash and they never look like models at all but I just can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Omgosh i totally agree....i just can't help myself to learn more about the true inside of the modelling world!

i was just wondering though, will it be coming to dvd or be on a website anywhere so people who don't live in New York can see the whole film?

thank-you sounds like a very interesting film!