Friday, 18 December 2009

The Beautiful Life Returns

Remember when models ruled the world in the 90s with Naomi, Linda, Christy and Cindy? Yep who can forget when that gorgeous quartet rocked the runway at the Versace show to George Michael's Freedom. That was a moment etched in pop culture history with fashion meshing with music. During that decade everyone became obessed with models and not a magazine went by without a model appearing on the cover. The term supermodel was born and granted to a select few and they became very famous and rich. Following the media and public's appetite for tall and skinny creatures a show was created that showed the fabulous life of a model. Enter Models Inc which was launched in 1994 and starred Linda Gray from Dallas and Carrie-Ann Moss who go on and kick ass in The Matrix. The show was not a huge  success and ran for one season.

The Beautiful Life  is the baby of Ashton Kutcher (he is the executive producer)  and it made it's debut this season on CWTV with Mischa Barton as top billing. However the show was axed after only two episodes and I was devastated as I was really getting into it. It seemed that although we love shows about models in reality shows such as America's Next Top Model, fiction shows about them are not as well received. Today I  logged onto Perez Hilton and found out that The Beautiful Life is being relaunched by Ashton Kutcher on YouTube. That's right, all five episodes will be available to watch online. The objective is to prove that an online show can get more viewers than one that is aired on TV. If the shows turn out to be a hit then this will give Ashton the green light to make more episodes specifically for the web. How exciting! I love to seeing people taking life by the hands and really going for things they believe in.

Let me give you a bit of background on The Beautiful Life aka TBL. Forget Mischa, TBL is actually about Chris Mathews played by Benjamin Hollingsworth, a small town boy from Iowa who falls into modelling as a way to make some extra cash for his struggling family. He moves into a model house in Manhattan where he meets Raina Mayer played by Sara Paxton, an up and coming model who I guess is like a new Christy Turlington. How can I describe Raina? Well she is gorgeous, kind, gutsy and humble; kind of like Mother Theresa in stilettos. The two teenagers are instantly attracted to each other but as you would have it work keeps getting in the way. There is also a small matter of a huge family secret that Raina is carrying. Other characters are Sonja Stone played by Mischa Barton who is making a comeback to modelling after an unexplained six month hiatus. Marissa Delfina played by Ashley Madekwe, a Brit chick who will stop at nothing to get to the top and that includes knocking Sonja off her perche. Cole Shephard played by Nico Tortorella is a seasoned model who holds a torch for Raina. Issac Taylor played by Corbin Bleu plans to replace modelling with a career in music but finds himself in a dangerous relationship with cougar, Vivienne played by Jaime Murray who is interested in more than his modelling abililites. Then there is former supermodel, Claudia Foster played by Elle McPherson who owns the modelling agency they work for and determined to make it a success no matter what. The Beautiful Life is a rather voyeristic look into the crazy and ultra competitive life of the modeling world.

Read my preview of The Beautiful Life here.

You can watch the full pilot of the show above and you can catch all the rest of episodes right here.

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Raggy dee Ann said...

If memory serves me right, the show has been cancelled after two episodes. I only heard of it after Micha Barton had a 51/50 placed on her.

The viewings I hear was dismal.

Ondo Lady said...

Yes you are right it was cancelled after two episodes but rather unjustly in my opinion. Most shows are given at least six episodes to make their mark but for some reason TBL did not get that so I am really happy that Ashton Kutcher has taken the bold move to put all the shows online. Also from what I remember Sex and the City was panned when it first aired and look how that show went on to become an utter dream.

Raggy dee Ann said...

Is it just me, but even though I'm not a big Ashton Kutcher fan I get the feeling he get's kicked in the nuts a helluva lot in certain people are hatin' on him. The guys is good looking, he's enthusiastic and has a hot over 40 wife. Together they seem to have a lot of fun and couldn't give a rats ass.

I must admit the tile put me off... I hear The Beautiful Life and I think oh geez not another one. Call me a grumpy old gal, but they did it with Dallas Dynasty, Falcon Crest and a host of other prime time classic but naff dramas.

Kudos to him releasing it on line. You do know that one of the best movies made wasn't a hit in the movies, but is on most peoples favorite movies today, after it's release on video. Talking about Shawshank Redemption....