Friday, 4 December 2009

TGI Friday

Once again here are the blog posts that have rocked my world this week.

Marion Kihogo
Everyone loved Carrie's quirky dress sense in Sex and the City and Marion takes us back to the many looks of Carrie Bradshaw.

Style Bubble
Every book lover and mag addict were devastated when Borders closed their doors this week and Susie Style Bubble looks at the impact this closure will have on the magazine industry.

Somebody Loves You
This week has been full of revelations of infidelity and betrayal with a few high profile relationships suffering huge problems. This blog post looks at exactly what makes a happy and successful marriage.

Bravo TV have a new TV show called Launch My Line which gives 10 aspiring fashion designers a chance to launch their own collection. Read the preview on the link above.

I am a nosey so and so who loves to have a peeps at other people's style so it will be no surprise to you when I admit that I found this video blog about the contents of Bubblegarm's bag very fascinating.

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