Sunday, 27 June 2010

Clothes Show London

One of the mini regrets of my life is never making it down to The Clothes Show Live. I loved the show when it was on BBC back in the 80s (yeah I know I am showing my age) and I also liked it when it made a return a few years ago. The event started in London in the late 80s and then moved to Birmingham a few years later. I always meant to make it up there but never got round to it so last year I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was returning to London. Clothes Show London is aimed at a slightlt older crowd but netherless the aim is still the same which is to offer a great fashion experience to the capital's fashionistas and boy did they succeed. The event runs for three days and is jam packed with fashion and beauty events with a dash of music on top. There were performances by Paloma Faith, new 'male' band The Wanted and a selection of indie rock bands performing at the Sketchbook Magazine stand. Celebrities in attendance were former Clothes Show presenter, Caryn Franklin, TV presenter, George Lamb and his father Larry Lamb, fashion journalist, Hilary Alexander and Hollyoaks stars, Ricky Whittle and Stuart Manning. The venue was packed with stands selling clothes, make up and offering beauty and health tips. After a wander round and a visit to the press office, I decided to check out the fashion show.
This fashion show was like no other that I have seen. For a start it was huge with a whooping 415 outfit changes presented by 40 fabulous models and dancers in eight different scenes. The concept was based on fashion cities around the world such as Tokyo, New York, Paris, Milan and, London. Set to fantastic back drops that celebrated the cities's style. High street, designer, boutique and couture; it was all here. The show kicked off with an image of the world globe and an icon making its way to. Tokyo. We were treated to a. Martial arts dance which was fast and furious and then the fashion began with Shibuya girls and guys parading down the stage. We moved onto New York with its Hip Hop era with breakdancing and grafiti in the background. Then there was there was a Sex and the City lifestyle with Macy's as a backdrop. Then it was onto Rome with clothes that featured the sexiness and sassiness of Italian style. Pretty soon it was Paris and this section paid homage to Moulin Roiuge with lots of ruffles pieces, suits and elaborate head wear. Last but certainly not least was London featuring the punk scene, Carmaby Street and 80s fashion. The funkiness of Brick Lane was featured and we reached full circle with the naughties and the re embracement of Brit fashion. The whole show has a lot of energy from start top finish.
Talking of Carnaby Street, this little nugget in West London celebrates 50 years of fashion and music so it is only fitting that they occupy a stand that recreates that magic. The stand consisted of the iconic Carnaby arch with a selection of the famous streets that make up this popular street as well as brands like Pepe London, Lee Jeans, Make Up Store and Lazy Oaf. Also the wonderful people from Sketchbook Magazine have a space where they hosted up and coming bands. Clothes Show London is a fun event which is perfect for a girl's day out. My only gripe is with the prices: the cheapest was £26 and you had to pay £8 for a goodie bag which contained a programme and a discount card. The platinum premium tickets were a whooping £38 which included the goodie bag and a premium seat at the fashion show. I find this pricing excessive because when you think about it you are simply paying to go shopping; there are no exclusive events there that you cannot get elsewhere. In my opinion I don't think visitors were given real value for money. Note to organisers - introduce an early bird booking price of £20 which includes a goodie and entry to the fashion show. 

Clothes Show London ends today at 6.30pm. 

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