Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mother and Child

S&TC2 may have been a compete dive but it did raise one question. What happens after you say I do. Well ideally you go on to build a foundation and create a family bit for some people it is not as simple as that. I came across this little gem on Girl With a Satchel - Mother and Child is the tale of three women who are affected by adoption. Karen played by Annette Benning is haunted by the fact that she gave up her baby at the age of 14. As a result her relationship with her mother is cold and distant while Karen herself finds it hard to get close to people. Elizabeth played by Naomi Watts is a lawyer who flits from place to place but this time has landed a new job as a lawyer. Adopted as a child, Elizabeth is estranged from her family and seems to have little regard for family life till she falls pregnant. Lucy played by Kerry Washington is unable to have a baby with her husband so puts all her hopes and dreams in adopting the baby of a teenager. All three women go through emotional ups and downs that rocks them to the core and during the film we find that they possess a strong bond that draws them all together. I don’t normally like weepy films but this one looks like a real corker; it just comes across as really powerful yet touching. Mother and Child made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and also screened at The Sundance Film Festival in January this year. No release date has been set for the UK but the film is showing in the US.

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