Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fashion Mavericks

I did a lot of running around during London Fashion Week attending a lot of events that were off schedule. One of the fashion shows that I went to was Fashion Mavericks which is a collection of emerging designers. It is organised by Jacquelline Adhola and was a two day affair taking place at the Strand Palace Hotel and it featured artists such as Anya Wilkinson, Elizabeth Dunn and Sara Shimasue. Jacquelline took five minutes out to give me the lowdown on Fashion Mavericks

What made you decided to set up Fashion Maverick
Fashion Mavericks was set up after discovering there was a need for an event that provides a strong platform to support new and independent designers during Fashion Week. As much as there is a number of other great events that occur during this time there is even more great designers out there that aren't provided a chance to 'show off' their latest collections and creative skills in solo independent shows. Fashion Mavericks is a great place for new and; independent designers as it provides them with a great venue in a great location. More often than not fashion week is dominated by the big labels and the small ones don't get noticed over the noise when they are just as good or better.

How many people work on the project with you? 
It depends on where I'm at in the project life cycle. I tend to do most of the strategic planning myself and then have others designated where necessary. As the event is still in its early stages I can pretty much handle most of it but as I have greater plans for the event I'm currently looking for other professionals to head certain areas. How do you select which designers to approach to show at the event? Designers apply to showcase while some are referred to me for review by stylists and others I source myself
The Strand Palace Hotel was an amazing venue, how did you get them on board? 
It's a case of building relationships but I pay for the venue so in this case its a case of them giving me a service.

What is your work background?
Work background varies but its in my professional field. I have a degree in Marketing and a CIM. I've worked in events, sales and retail. My last 9-5 job was at Emap for Drapers & Retail Jeweller Magazine. I don't have vast 9-5 experience but my strong business acumen, intuition, passion, drive and natural entrepreneurial skills makes me love and enjoy my work and all that I do re Sunshine Grace.

What do you do when you are not working on Fashion Mavericks
Fashion Mavericks is owned by Sunshine Grace which is a PR, Marketing and Events Consultancy. As well as this I'm also a personal stylist. So my main operations are with SG. Through this I have a number of private clients who I style and offer a personal shopping service to of sourcing new or certain items. I also consultant on projects with designers and businesses.

Which designers do you admire? 
I admire all designers. The work they do is enormous. From the initial stages of concept and theme, sketch designs, material sourcing, production there is a lot to do. Not including the pattern cutting, sleepless nights and many lattes.Generally I like and admire hard working people especially when they create innovative products that meet public demand or meet the needs of their market. To get that right is the key to a successful business and that is admirable.

You can check out Fashion Maverick here.

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