Monday, 4 October 2010

The Spin Crowd

Command PR is a boutique agency which has office in LA and New York. They have a huge roster of clients such as Jennifer Lopez, P Diddy, Janet Jackson and Rihanna. Started by Jonathon Cheban, a seasoned pro, Command PR is one of the top PR companies in the US and reality drama, The Spin Crowd will be following their moves. Command PR's USP is that they set trends, reflect pop culture and influence the course of public consciousness. Simon Huck is Jonathon's second in command, pun most certainly intended and the two of them make a right pair. Jonathon is pretty highly strung and not afraid to speak his mind while Simon appreciates the art of subtly. Simon is the more saner of the duo and spends a lot of them calming down Jonathon when he loses it which seems to be most of the time. The banter between the two guys is hilarious and Jonathon's bitchy comments crack me up. Also Jonathon hails from New Jersey and has that NJ complex derived from the fact NJ is the dowdy cousin who NYC look down on and make fun of so he has something to prove.
As well as getting to know the rest of the Command PR team which comprises of Katie, Lauren, Erika and Summer and having an insight into their personal lives, we are shown how the Command PR wheel works. We get to see the strategy behind event and product launches and how PRs work with the media to place stories in their publications and maintain their relationships with their clients. However what I like most about The Spin Crowd is that it also shows what happens when things do not go as planned. Like a launch with actress Shannen Doherty where they forgot to bring the scissors that she needed to cut the ribbon. I find the show very inspiring. It just has that ' you can do it' vibe. Surprised to see that it is excursively produced by Kim Kardashian.

You can check out the website for The Spin Crowd here.

The Spin Crowd is aired on E! on Sundays at 10.30pm

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Kelly and Sara said...

I have tried to watch this show a couple times and just can't get into it. They are not that funny or entertaining.