Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Space - Thomas Walker from Thom Ticklemouse Make-Up Blog

Thomas Walker has one of those jobs that makes you jealous. He is a make up artist and can be found backstage working on the models during London Fashion Week as well as other glam events. He has been blogging since July this year as a bid to keep his readers up to date on his work. Thom's blog also cover make up trends, product reviews and recommendations as well as the odd post on fashion. Thom Ticklemouse Make-Up Blog is a fan space where you can learn about the life of a make up artist. I caught up with him so he could tell me where he writes his blog.

Describe the concept of your blog.
The concept of my blog is a fun friendly informative approach to make up, I want readers to feel like I am talking to them. I am here to help! I don't like beauty blogs that say 'use this product because it will change your life.' when half the time the product hasn't even been used.

Where do you scribe?
My blog is also a 'follow me' so viewers and readers can read what I have been up too, as my main job is a make up artist. My blog comes second.

Why that place?
I love to research everything so my main time blogging will be my bed. I have a desk but I live in a Georgian house that's pretty cold so I am always under the duvet
What is on your bed, desk and table at the moment?
On my bed right now is my diary, a cup of tea (i am a chain tea drinker) and of course my Blackberry - she's my child. Lol.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall?
In terms of inspiration I have a large collection of magazines and DVDs. I also have monthly rental subscription - movies inspire me so much. However magazines are wonderful, I am always tearing out pages that inspire me which i will stick above my bed to manifest my own creativity.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
I am a both tidy and messy. I like the space to be neat but I always work up a mess, I think mess is made by the mind being creative. I like the phrase a beautiful mess.

You can follow Thom's blog here.

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