Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My Space - Minna Salami from MsAfropolitan

Like most bloggers Minna Salami wears many hats; as a social media consultant, freelance writer, dancer, model and project manager. Yep she is a busy lady and on top of that she manages to find time to run the MsAfropolitan Boutique which is another part of her blog. MsAfropolitan is a fantastic blog that covers topics that affect cosmopolitan African women. Topics such as feminism, african diaspora, fashion, books, sex and celebrities. Minna has been running her blog since 2008 and has picked up a great following since then. I caught up with her so she can tell me where she writes her blog.

Describe the concept of your blog.
MsAfropolitan is a lifestyle and culture analytical blog highlighting topics that are relevant particularly, but not exclusively, to cosmopolitan African women and showcasing products made by African Diaspora women in the MsAfropolitan Boutique.

Where do you scribe?
I have ditched my desk for my dining table.

Why that place?
I have a city view from the window next to my dining table, it inspires my writing, and it reminds me to gaze out and take a break from the screen every so often.
What is on your dining table at the moment?
Baskets, candles, table mats, a coffee cup, lip gloss, a folder full of things that I aim to look into (!), magazine cuttings, a stack of CD's, books that I've been using for research and of course, my laptop.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall ie photos, magazine cuttings or extracts?
By my desk, which is more like a mini library for me as I don't work there, I have a magnetic wall panel in between the bookshelves with photos, magazine cuttings and all kinds of magnets (which I collect)..

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
I'm a tidy worker you know. Family and friends have watched in awe as I go about preparing my work day, because it involves an almost obsessive tidying up routine of the space around me. I find that untidiness clutters my thought process, or maybe I'm just procrastinating ;)

You can follow Minna's blog here.

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2 cool comments:

Anonymous said...

I love the African prints she has on display, and of course you can't go wrong with city views.

Ms Afropolitan said...

Thanks for the feature Ondolady, :) and thanks Adrienne, they're awesome prints aren't they! I love that they are functional and look good at the same time