Sunday, 23 August 2009

Be Delicious

Well while I have been hibernating in North Kent the stores on the high street have gone and prettied themselves up. Earlier this week I blogged about the cute window display by La Senza and yesterday while I was shopping down Oxford Street when I came across the DKNY window display for Debenhams for the Be Delicious Art Limited Edition. I adore the apple shaped perfume for it's sweet and refreshing fragrance as well as it's quirky shape. I was rather taken by the display by Debenhams because of the Pop Art images as well as the cartoon narrative which sells the story of the DKNY ideology. A young glam lady living the life of riley in NYC, one of the most exciting cities in the world. I love Pop Art because I can relate to it a lot more than abstract concepts - I mean Pop Art is simply what it is, no messing and I like that. The images were created by award winning illustrator, Brad Haman whose client list include HBO, New York Times and Harper Collins. I took some quick images with Le Blackberry so check them out.

Check out the website for DKNY Be Delicious here.

Images taken by Brad Haman

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