Monday, 31 August 2009

H&M Magazine

A few months ago I heard mutterings about a magazine for H&M but that was as far as it got; well to my ears anyway. However, while I was on a shopping mission for my holiday oh and for some goodies to serve my post holiday depression, I ran into copies of the H&M magazine. So being the mag addict that you all know and love I scooped it up along with my new items. I decided I would save reading the publication till I got on the flight to Atlanta. I wish I could say it was worth the wait but sadly it wasn't. I was expecting something along the lines of the ultra lush asos magazine but unfortunately that was not the case. H&M magazine is A4, glossy, 82 pages thick and has all the makings of a great magazine but somehow misses the mark. Content wise it focuses on fashion and the trends that we should expect to see in the autumn but it also looks at the hip places to shop in Moscow and how to shop smart. There is only one article that stood out to me which was called Teenage Takeover which was a look at cool teenagers such as Jenny Humphrys, Cory Kennedy, Pixie Geldof and Jourdan Dunn and how they now dictate fashion. Apart from that there is very little in H&M magazine that inspires me, it all feels very remote and cold (an editor's note without a picture of the editor is not a good start to a magazine.) From the bland cover of model Angela Lindvall, the unimpressive layout and unimaginative use of fonts and colours. It is difficult to see who the magazine is pitched at as the feel is too serious for teenagers yet just not chic enough for twenty something fashionistas. H&M magazine will be one publication that I will have no qualms in parting with when I do embark on some more decluttering.

H&M magazine is published quarterly and is available in the stores.

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VexInTheCity said...

I thought it was boring and it went in the bin yesterday.

FabBlab said...

Correct me if I'm wrong: Wasn't it an H&M mag issue that dissed bloggers, who freely advertise for them publicly?
Not good. Love their clothes, but hate their guts.

Style Eyes Fashion Blog said...

Perhaps I won't bother with this one. I have never liked H & M much anyway.

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Is it free like ASOS? Sounds like they could have taken a few tips from them.

Rollergirl said...

So true, it's completely lame. They asked me to send them some ideas then never got back to me. (And my ideas were good - honest guv!)

CC said...

It isn't the best fashion magazine in town but I like the cover. :)


Ondo Lady said...

VexinTheCity: Ditto, the mag is lame

FabBlab: Was that H&M? Wow what idiots!!

Style Eyes Fashion Blog: Believe me you are NOT missing out!!

Sarah Edwina Rose: Yes it is free, just go in the store to pick it up

Rollergirl: They missed out there; with you onboard I am sure that magazine would have been ten times better

CC: Yes it could be better