Sunday, 23 August 2009

An Exhibition to Celebrate 100 Years of Selfridges

I love browsing around Selfridges on a late Saturday afternoon, the place just has the most wonderful and welcoming vibe. Last week I saw the Centenary Exhibition at Selfridges which celebrates 100 years of the stylish store. The exhibition takes a retrospective look at founder, Harry Gordon Selfridge the founder and his vibrant store. It also looks at every aspect that makes Selfridges what it is; from the exterior, the architecture of the building and the dynamic window displays. It also takes a look at the key departments such sports, technology, perfumery and the foodhall. There is also a section that looks at the relationship that Selfridges had with celebrities - a relationship that was pioneered from the early years when there was no radio, TV and cinema. Since then celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin to Victoria Beckham have popped into the store to launch their latest products. You can find various exciting elements here such as vibrant installations, press cuttings and stunning window displays from the past. This exhibition will provides you with an idea on what makes Selfridges a very special place.

The Centenary Exhibition runs till 31st August and takes place in the Ultralounge, Lower Ground Floor in Selfridges.

2 cool comments:

Myne Whitman said...

Do you work for S? They have good sales and products I think.

Brandy Shaloo said...

I love their visual merchandising. The stores looks so great. Need to go to London again soon :D