Friday, 15 January 2010

Frank Gatson Jr

This morning I was watching the wonderful Frank Gatson Jr (choreographer to the stars) on BBC Breakfast where he was plugging his guest appearance on So You Think You Can Dance and this prompted me to go online to check out his resume. All I can is wow, wow and wow. Who has that man not worked with would be an easier question to ask. Frank Gatson seems to have worked with everyone from Michael Jackson, EnVogue, Usher, Salt n Pepa, Mariah Carey and Diana Ross plus everyone else in between. He was the guy who put together the amazing moves in Single Ladies aka Beyonce's famous anthem which made me sit up and take the Texan seriously. Prior to Single Ladies. Beyonce had always been to me a great singer who looked amazing but an ok dancer. But hey the video for that epic of a song kicked that philosophy's royal butt. While Gatson talked about his career you could see the passion in his eyes and it was clear to anyone watching how much pleasure dancing brings him. It is perfect timing considering the dance mania phase that everyone in the country is experiencing at the moment. The success of films like High School Musical High and Step Up as well as the nation's beloved, Strictly Come Dancing has given birth to a new sub culture of dance programnes hence the UK launch of So You Think You Can Dance which hit the TV screens a few weeks ago. During his sparkling career Frank Gatson has won an accolades of awards including five MTV awards for best choreography and a VMA for best choreography. Not bad for a guy who was a back up dancer in Michael Jackson's video for Smooth Criminal.

Check out the best of his work in the clip above. 

4 cool comments:

$hort 'n' $weet said...

Frank Gatson is really good, watchin his stuff makes me wanna get up & dance!

Anonymous said...

If he choreographed "Single Ladies" he must be good. Thanks for the introduction.

Jennifer said...

Wow, i didn't know who he was before this, how is that possible???
I wonder if he can teach me the single ladies dance, how woudl i get in touch, i can call chokolate and they should hook me up! lol:))
Did you watch so you think you can dance? he was so good on it.We want more!

Anonymous said...

Frank Gatson is from MILWAUKE, WI, not Texas. Also, check out We Are The Drum on broadcasting in Milwaukee.