Friday, 15 January 2010

TGI Friday

This year seems to be racing by faster than speed lightning but thank god that the snow is thawing and we can all get on with our lives. Once again here are a list of blog posts which have rocked my world this week.

Mustard Seed Collective
Who doesn't love gay Paris? The fashion, the food, the wine and the wonderful architecture? Well the lovely Adrienne presents the French campaign by fashion brand, Forever 21.

It is a pretty dead cert that Precious is going to clean up at all the awards shows including the Golden Globes which takes place this weekend. This post looks at the star appeal of Gabourey Sidibe, the new star of Precious who has taken Hollywood by storm.

Yoruba Girl Dancing
According to Henry Reid, US Senate Majority Leader there is a negro dialect. Is there? Yoruba Girl was perturbed and discussed it in her blog.

Face Hunter
What you thought The Satorialist was the only street style blogger one capable of landing a book deal?
Not so. Yvan Rodic aka Face Hunter shows off his brand new spanking book.

The Stiletto Effect
Remember Taylor, the stroppy assistant in The Rachel Zoe Project? Well she has left the Zoe campy and gone onto pastures new. This post pays homage to her talents.

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