Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My Space - Amber Yeshpaul from Phreshmentality

Amber Yeshpaul is a lady who loves her nails which is why her talons are always vamped up to near perfection. Her other passion is TV where her impressive resume boasts employment with top companies such as MTV, Endemol, Plum Pictures and she also worked on The Family which airs on Channel 4. Amber started Phresh Mentality two years ago in order to document her life as a runner in broadcasting but over the years her blog has grown and evolved into Amber's musings about work, life and pleasure including wonderful examples of nail art. 

Describe the concept of Phresh Mentality.  
My blog now mainly features nail art, which is a big passion of mine. I like to do free hand designs, which means that I draw whatever is on the nails myself, without the use of stencils or design plates. I also post reviews on movies, theatre, music and sometimes events. I’m a poet so on occasion there’s a post or two about my poetry performances and the rest is just my general ramblings about life and other things that I like.   

Where do you scribe? 
Usually my bed serves as my scribing station and sometimes the sofa. In the summer I sometimes like to write outside - thank God for wireless.  

Why that place?  
Well, I did have a desk until about a month ago but I got rid of it to free up more space in my room, so the bed is the only place left. To be fair though, even when I did have the desk I sat on the bed most of the time so I don’t really miss it. I like it because it’s comfortable and big enough for me to spread out with my stuff if I’m working on something other than my laptop. Come to think of it, I do basically everything that needs doing whilst sitting on that bed. It’s where the magic happens man. (Keep your minds out of the gutter people. :)

What is on your bed at the moment?  
Right now, I have my ipod, my iphone, my MacBook (Apple fan much?) Big Red cinnamon gum, which is my fave. Some strawberry twizzlers – snacks are important, especially the fat free kind. Nail polishes, because I just finished doing my nail art of the week and my camera as I’m about to take pics of the finished product. There’s a few notebooks and a CD that I just got in the post – Jukebox by Priscilla Renea. 

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall?  
I’m a big fan of photos. I’m doing up my room at the moment so the walls are bare, but I have loads of photo frames with pics of my family and friends around me. Knowing where I come from really inspires me, so seeing photos of my past and present reminds me of that. I also have print outs of some of my favourite poems on the wall. Right now, Phenomenal Woman and Still I Rise by Maya Angelou and A Dream Deffered by Langston Hughes are up as well as a Sanskrit prayer from India. I find famous quotes very motivating and I usually have them written on a mass of post-its, stuck on mirrors and doors to keep me focused. Because of this, I’m planning to have a few of my favourite ones painted on different walls in my room once I’m done decorating. My bed faces the window and I’m lucky to have a fantastic view to look at while I’m writing. Nature is truly inspiring. 

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?  
I’m a tidy person and I can’t work if I’m in messy surroundings so I try to keep the things on my bed as in order as possible. It’s harder to do this on a cushioned surface so sometimes I have to work downstairs at the dining room table. My room is usually clutter free and tidy though, because when I have a harmonious work/living space it makes me happy.

You can read Amber's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter here.

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Shanti said...

Love these features you do, get to no more about the Twitter fam! Go Amber!

Angel said...

I will check it out, I have recently started taking more care of my nails, as a netball player they used to have to be so sort but since I have stopped for a while now is the opportunity to grow them. I will be looking at Amber's nail art pictures for inspiration.

Phreshh Mentality said...

Give the designs a go Angel, they're not as hard as they might look!

Thanks for featuring me Ronke! :)

Eva - London Darling said...

Aww love it, Amber rocks. :-)