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My Space - Lanre Fajumo from Lanre Fajumo - The Pen Vovage

We all need a creative outlet now and again to let out all those stories, songs and poems that we have cooped up in our heads. To some people writing provides so many positive aspects; it is theraputic, fulfilling and allows them to have a voice. Lanre Fajumo - The Pen Vovage features stories from a personal level such as self esteem and identity, as well as reviews of music, theatre performances, books as well as the odd rant here and there. Lanre started blogging last September and has come on leaps and bounds. I caught up with her to find out about where she writes her blog. As she says in her blog - everyone has a story.

Describe the concept of Lanre Fajumo - The Perfect Vovage

I started the blog because I needed a creative outlet when I have a mental block from wrting songs or stories (I am a singer songwriter and I am currently working my first novel) so the blog is a variety of everything bouncing around in my brain from album or event reviews to personal experiences.

Where do you scribe?
When it's a blog, I write as I go along my day. So if an idea pops up in my head as it always does and I am on the train or at lunch, I will make a note of it on my regular companion, my BlackBerry and when I get home I will develop it on my laptop. Writing a song or a story is however a different thing. Not sure why that is though.

Why that place?
I guess because if I don't capture those thoughts as they bounce around in my head I am afraid of lossing them. Also, I find that I cannot write a blog unless I am sitting at a desk. So sofa and beds are are a no, no for me. I have to be seated at 90 degrees to write a blog.
What is on your desk at the moment?
My laptop, post it notes, a note pad, pens and my mobile phone oooh and a cup of tea.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall.
I have a blank wall, i do however have a hard drive of pictures and ideas that have caught my attention. I do have a few clippings from magazines or newspapers. I keep them all in a folder.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
I hate clutter, My workspace needs to be clutter free from me to write anything. If i don't use it, I bin it.

You can read Lanre's blog

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