Friday, 2 April 2010

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

This is the sequel to LA Candy which is Lauren Conrad's voyage into novel writing. Ok let's do a little recap The Hills style; Jane Roberts moves to LA with her bestie, Scarlett Harp and the two end up landing their own reality show. Pretty soon the girls are plastered all over the media as LA Candy becomes one of the hottest shows on TV. Sweet Little Lies takes up where LA Candy left off with Jane fleeing LA to seek refuge in Mexico after her mini scandal. She is hiding out in Cabo with her friend Madison Parker, only except Madison is not her friend. Unknown to Jane it was Madison who leaked photos of Jane getting down and dirty with Braden who happens to be the best friend of her boyfriend, Jesse. All these misdeamenors really made a dent into Jane's wholesome girl next door look. Meanwhile Jane's best mate, Scarlett has cottoned onto Madison's devious game and is frantically trying to reach Jane to tell her. In between worrying about Jane, Scarlett embarks on a little action of her own by getting involved with one of the cute camera guys who works on the show. The only problem is that romantic relations on the set of LA Candy are not looked on favorably so the couple need to keep their relationship a secret.

I was really looking forward to the follow up to LA Candy and let me tell you it did not let me down. This book is just as engaging as the last one and really draws you in. Also the fact that you know the characters already makes it a lot easier for you to dip into the book. You don't have that dodgy three chapter period where you are uncertain as to whether you will like it or not. The first book was all about Jane and her launch into stardom but Sweet Little Lies focuses on the other characters such as Scarlett and Madison and we really see them being fleshed out and we really get to grips with their inner psychology and find out exactly what makes them the way they are. This might sound strange but I actually began to find the manipulative and conniving Madison more intriguing this time round and I cannot wait to read the next exciting installment to find out how the story pans out.

Sweet Little Lies is available to buy from amazon.

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Nicosi said...

Love the quick recap!! Love lauren & the fact that she calls the book 'fiction'. lol! Oh and i J'ADORE this blog by the way!!!!!!