Friday, 30 April 2010

Welcome to Home Sweet Home

Well it is another bank holiday and that means one thing – time for some DIY. The property market may still be in a slump but people are still obsessed with their homes. The proof? Well property programmes are still popular and interior magazines are flying off the shelves. Also with Grand Designs LIVE kicking off tomorrow for the 6th year promising to be bigger and better it looks like homes are here to say. The environment you inhabit is very crucial to your state of mind; crappy home life equates to a pretty crappy state of mind. Which is why I so embrace blogs on interiors and crafts which show how we can make our homes a beautiful place. Therefore you can imagine my bemusement when I read an ever so snarky piece in Jezebel having a pop at a selected bloggers who focus on these things, accusing them of being pretentious and responsible for making other people feel inadequate. Come on Jezebel, get a grip! I enjoy reading your website and I enjoy the snarkiness when it is deserved but randomly attacking bloggers for having creative and inspiring blogs is just petty.

Anyway all the nastiness aside, over the last year I have noticed that the interior bloggers have developed a strong community so I have decided to celebrate this by launching Home Sweet Home. Which is an interiors special that will consist of articles and reviews relating to all things home related. We have a lot to look forward to such as a review of The Selby, the much awaited book by Todd Selby, an article on Open Houses where artists throw open their homes to the public so they can check out their artwork but tomorrow we will kick off with an interview with Jeska Hearne from Lobster and Swan who is our Blogger of the Month.

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Divalocity said...

I think that this is a great idea, at one time my daughter suggested the same thing to me since she knows that her Mommy also loves to decorate. With your "My Space' series(which I love and I want to be featured), you have already entered the realm of home decor.

Some people fail to realize that style also extends to the home which translates into individual style. The writers at Jezebel probably wouldn't know style if it hit them because they're too busy searching for validation by attempting to prove who they aren't.

Martha Stewart, Charlotte Moss and Jessica Harris are some of my idols, who have left promising careers and have made a living off of the word most so called feminist love to hate... domestication.

I don't know if it's me, but I do know another blogger shares my sentiments that the Blogosphere is becoming increasingly cliquish and petty, meaning that's who these Bloggers are in real life.

Do you, damn the rest and I can't wait to see it, I'll definitely become a reader. Thank you for your support throughout the years.