Thursday, 23 September 2010

Press Lounging

One of the fun aspects of attending London Fashion Week was roaming round Somerset House having  a look at the exhibition and I love having a peek in the press room at the British Fashion Council (BFC) tent. As well as being full of loads of information about the shows and designers, the press room is also a space where journalists and bloggers can bang out their copy while sipping a cup of much needed coffee.
What I love about the BFC press room is the way it always look completely different every season. The look for this season was Scandinavian Modern with wooden floor boards, chic white work desks and benches as well as round sofa's stylishly dotted around.
The media rooms at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and On/Off are always equally stylish and all the press/media rooms are equipped with laptops. The concept for Vauxhall Fashion Scout is the minimalism look with shiny lacquer white desks and white leather sofas. The furniture made a perfect contrast to the classic parquet flooring. I didn't make it down to the press lounge for On/Off which I am gutted about because I heard that it was amazing and contained some funky knitted chairs and decadent lampshades by designer, Melanie Porter which are pictured at the top. They look amazing don't they?

The picture in the middle is of the BFC tent and the one at the bottom is of Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

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