Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Westfield London Car Boot Fair

I heard rumblings about The Westfield London Car Boot Fair  on Twitter about a week ago but never really took much notice. I assumed that it would be an average car boot sale with knocks off in a grubby car till I read a post on Coco's Tea Party' about it. The pictures looked amazing with the shiny, sexy looking Hyundais. So on Friday when I went to see Eat Pray Love in Westfields I decided to have a browse. Over 20 retailers such as Bobbi Brown, Myla, Swaroski and Wolford have taken part in the event and each car has an exciting design as well as being filled with bargains galore.
Each day features different shops showing off their wares and on Friday I saw brands such as Whistles, Foyles, Topshop, Oasis, Ted Baker, Reiss and Donna Ida. Topshop went the whole hog and even had retro suitcases on the top of their car, There was even some lovely cupcakes from Buttercup Cake Shop and of course the Mary's Living & Giving car which is the baby of Queen of Shops, Mary Portas. All the shops have really used their imagination on this project; all the displays are wonderful. Some brands have mannequins dressed in the store's outfits dotted around and some have sofas placed alongside the car. It makes you want to shop and shop. The Westfield London Car Boot Fair  started on 21st September in order to celebrate London Fashion Week. It actually ends today but if you missed it fear not because I am sure it will be back next year.

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Ms Afropolitan said...

sounds like fun! guess i should be glad I didn't go given I'm trying to eliminate mindless spending ;)