Friday, 8 May 2009

The Face Hunter Show

Paris part 1 from The Facehunter Show on Vimeo.

I have always regarded Face Hunter as the poor relation to The Satorialist. When it comes to street style some would say that The Satorialist aka Scott Schuman has it covered with his iconic blogsphere status which see him being cooed over by fashion editors. Also with a book due out later this year Schuman looks set to imprint The Satorialist brand online and offline. The glittering success of street style has led to everyone and their dog focusing on this trend with some doing it well like The Daily formerly know as Rubbish (the official publication for London Fashion Week) but some do it badly and with very little imagination. Swiss born, Yvan Rodic aka Face Hunter describes himself as a man out and about in London and beyond capturing eye candy for the style hungry. I would agree totally as the blog celebrates not just style but originality and verve. Yvan was working as a copywriter in advertising and a writer for a magazine when he came across the idea of starting a blog. This was back in 2006 and now Face Hunter is one of the most talked about street blogs around.

Adding another string to his bow, Yvan has launched a web TV show called The Face Hunter Show that covers fashionistas while they are out and about. Filmed in Paris, Moscow, Stockholm and Mexico City we see him fraternising with the creme a la creme of the creative art scene. He takes off to Moscow and hangs out in studios with the edgy artists, he relaxes with the cool and trendy in Sweden and he parties with the funky creatives in Mexico. I love all the shows but my favourite one is in Paris where he interviews bloggers such as Garance Dore', Eddie Newton from Style Sightings and I just loved the bit where Scott Schuman himself makes an appearance. Talk about blogger solidarity. The Face Hunter Show is a delightful and funny look into the world of creative artists around the world and it makes you realise that art just not just stop at the Tate Modern in London or The Met in New York. Yvan reveals himself to be a very charismatic character who is slightly off the wall and as batty as his subjects.

Oh and guess what? The Face Hunter also has a book out and it will be published by Thames and Hudson and will hit the stores in early next year.

Check out his myspace page, it is pretty cool.

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