Monday, 11 May 2009

CrazySexyCool - H&M and Chanel

Ok it's advert time. Last week The Guardian published it's viral video chart which is a list of the 20 most blogged about viral videos. Leading the pack was the Phillips Carousel Commercial which is an avant garde film made by top music director, Adam Berg. Other videos on the list were the trailer for the Chanel film, the advert for the NYLON and Urban Outfitters collaboration, the HP advert which is kind of cute and the Adidas House Party one which I blogged about here. Funnily over the weekend two adverts caught my eye and had me transfixed and I thought I would share them with you.

Matthew Williamson for H&M
In the past I have not really taken much notice of Matthew Williamson, aside from his love of bright colours and Sienna Miller, I know very little about the man. So his new line at H&M meant very little to me. However, this advert really made me sit up and take notice; it is everything that you associate with British creativity; arty, quirky, funny and totally anti-establishment. I especially love the bit where the model walks off the pages of the magazine. That is just awesome.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

The new Chanel No 5
I have always had a soft spot for doe eyed Audrey Tautou since I saw her in Brit film, Dirty Pretty Things. The cinematography in this advert is wonderful and the views of Paris and Istanbul are exquisite. I am also loving the sexy jumpsuit that she is wearing at the end. Go Audrey!!

Also check out the lowdown on the making of the new T-Mobile advert which was filmed in Trafalgar Square last week. The sweet Angel from A Taste of Angel Cake fills us in here.

7 cool comments:

Muffin said...

Love the Chanel add but I love anything with Audrey Tautou!

Ondo Lady said...

I am a real Audrey fan, she is so elegant and a fabulous actress.

Dream Sequins said...

She's a lovely lady, but I'm not so sure Audrey Tatou is right for Chanel?

Ondo Lady said...

Really? Why do you say that?

Angel said...

Really enjoyed that add!

Quail said...

Chanel No5 commercials are always iconic. I think Audrey is an excellent choice, she's so mysterious and has a fresh look.

Chic Chocolate said...

Love this commercial! I wish US ads were more cutting edge. We don't see stuff like this on tv often. Cool post!!