Thursday, 14 May 2009

Gossip Girl Spin Off

So it was with great anticipation that I tuned into the 80s throwback of Gossip Girl. This is the one where we see Lily van der Woodsen as a teenager wrecking havoc in Los Angeles. First of all I was expecting the whole show to be dedicated to Lily and her antics as opposed to the obvious flashbacks that we were treated to. Secondly I was hoping to see the young Lily engage in all sorts of shenanigans and to be a feisty and fearless madam. Instead what we got was some mediocre action from a poor little rich girl who had been kicked out of school and flees to her sister. Brittany Snow who has been in Nip ‘n’ Tuck (not to be confused with Brittany Murphy who she looks a lot like) plays Lily Junior and Krysten Ritter from The Gilmore Girls and Confessions of a Shopaholic played older sister, Carol. The flashbacks lacked a lot of spark and the characters were not at all endearing to watch. What was up with all those wishy washy male characters? They were so lame. The only good thing about the show was the music soundtrack with tunes from Men Without Hats and Depeche Mode. I certainly won’t be crying into my herbal tea regarding the rumours about the spin off not going ahead.

3 cool comments:

Kwana said...

I've fallen off with Gossip Girl. Maybe I need to do a catch up.

alixrose said...

I have to admit I was already a little bitter against the spin-off because it was taking away from the gg episode. I feel they still had a lot of issues to work with( well I really wanted more blair/chuck scenes since that's why I really watch the show).
Anyways I wasn't expecting much from the flashbacks and maybe that's why they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be, but even if they do pick it up, I doubt I will watch it. I do adore Matt Barr though, not enough to watch the show for him.. whatevs!

frances said...

I loved the clothes though! And Gwen Stefani, x