Sunday, 24 May 2009

Only in a Woman's World

I am getting to be a real fan of this viral video lark and last week I came across a web video series called Only in a Woman's World which promotes snack foods produced by Frito-Lay. The series is part of a huge campaign to target women to the snacks; I have never heard of Frito-Lay but a few clicks on Google tells me that they make a bunch of calorie conscious snacks such as Dortitos, Cheetos and Fritos. Taking the lead from Sex and the City, Only in a Woman's World is a cute animated show which goes into the lives of four female friends who try to juggle career, relationships, children, friendships as well as getting their hands on the perfect pair of killer heels. Anna is a journalist who finds it hard to ask for help, Cheryl is a housewife who puts everyone's needs before her own, Maya runs a boutique store but is known for her no bullshit approach while Nikki dreams of jacking in her job and doing something more creative. Four very different women at different stages in their lives but their common goal is fun, friendship and laughter. The series launched earlier this month and has developed a considerable following, according to social media guide, Mashable, the most recent episode had 713,729 views in one week. I have watched some funny shows in my time but this one really takes the biscuit. Only in A Woman's World is heart warming and extremely endearing - you really take these four women into your hearts. My favourite webisodes are the premiere, webisode 1, webisode 4 and webisode 7.

I have uploaded the trailer above and below is webisode 7 for you to enjoy.

You can check out all the webisodes here.

2 cool comments:

Anonymous said...

cute animation...hope it goes on to cover more than shoes and men

i love that it's not four white face - hooray! about time!

Ondo Lady said...

LOL I guess they learnt their lesson from Sex and the City and to a certain extent from Friends.