Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Hills: Alive and Kicking

The O.C may have only been around for four years but it certainly made it's mark and when the teen drama shut down shop in 2007 it left behind a few things. For a start the birth of Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson as style icons and the introduction of the creator, Josh Schwartz to TV heaven. However in my eyes the main legacy of The O.C is the fact that it became the inspiration of The Hills. For it was the lavish lives of the teenagers of The Orange County that led to the reality show, Laguna Beach and it was here that we met the likes of Stephen Colletti, Lo Bosworth and a certain Lauren Conrad. The pert Lauren left Laguna for the heights of LA and moved onto her own reality show The Hills and the rest is history. Over the last five years we have been caught up with the drama and tribulations of Lauren's world. We have cried with her, laughed with her, laughed at her and watched her fall out with friend after friend.

Now Ms Conrad is about to say goodbye to her life on the small screen and will move onto new pastures new. Such as? I hear you ask. Well for a start she has penned a book called L.A. Candy and is about a young lady who moves to the city of angels and ends up on reality show. Wow, I wonder how long it took her to come up with that concept? But you know what? I can't wait to read it. Going by the spiel on the HarperCollins website, this book has all the qualities that I look for in my fiction. Fun, drama, glamour and with the odd bit of fashion thrown. L.A Candy hits the stores on 18th June but if you can't wait till then you can read an excerpt on TeenVogue. Quite fitting considering Lauren spent a great deal of her vital years there. HarperColins have signed Ms Conrad to write three books for them so look out for more literary works from Laguna's finest.

So with the commercial success of The Hills, other characters from the show have taken the opportunity to work on other projects. First we have Brody Jenner with his diabolical reality show, Bromance. She-devil boss, Kelly Cutrone has been granted her own reality show called Kell on Earth and is also writing a self help book to young women on how to rule the world. I am sure it will be riveting as Kelly is. Oh of course lets not forget Whitney who is riding high with the success of her own fly on the wall series, The City. Looks like the hills are alive and kicking.

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Dream Sequins said...

Oh no she didn't! I think she's a very lovely girl and the show is enjoyable for all the campiest reasons, but a book author? really???

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would support that nonesense,I wouldn't go within ten inches of LC's literary effort.puh-lease.


Shanti said...

Wow, who would have thought it, the little girl from Laguna made it big. Not too sure about the book though. Just read the Teen Vogue excerpt - the thing is, i'll probably spend the entre book trying to match up the characters to the people in the show. So as a piece of ficton, something to get lost in, it doesn't really work. But you can't knock a girl for making the most of the opportunities presented to her.


Ondo Lady said...

Dream Sequins: Oh yes she did!! Can't blame her as everyone else seems to be doing it. Of course she didn't write it, I am sure there is an extremely well paid ghost writer out there.

Anonymous/Ren: Of course I support this, I think it looks like a very interesting read hence the blog post. You are more than welcome to your own opinions but please refrain from scoffing at others just because they do not fit in with yours.

Shanti: Yes Lauren has come a long way and I think you make an interesting point about matching up the characters.

Anonymous said...

My comment wasn't offensive or bullying,sorry if you took it that way,but just as you are entitled to your opinions,I was simply sharing mine.You really should put up some sort of 'If your opinion doesn't agree to mine,don't leave a comment.' disclaimer.


Ondo Lady said...

Anonymous/Ren, I am afraid I did find your comments offensive. Not because you disagreed with me but because of your tone. "I can't believe you would support this nonsense" It is not your place to believe or not to believe.