Monday, 3 May 2010

Home Sweet Home: The Selby is in Your Place

There are some people who just inspire you to reach out and harness your inner creativity and Todd Selby is one of them. For fashionistas out there, Selby is the equivalent to The Satorialist and The Face Hunter except that he deals with interiors. A respected photographer, Selby has worked for the likes of Vogue Paris and the New York Times Magazine for over a decade. He launched The Selby in June 2008 as a sideline project, which consisted of him snooping around the pads of friends, friends of friends and other like minded people. Most of them were creatives, had cool jobs and lived in cool areas or were just down right cool. Pretty soon the website became a huge hit and was mentioned in magazines and websites and hence Todd Selby had landed himself a book deal.

What I love about Selby is the way he embraces clutter and hoarding. Not for him the cold and harsh reality of minimalism, instead he seeks out home owners who put their stuff out there. The Selby is in Your Place consists of 40 homes which Todd considers to be his favourites from the website. There are even some famous folk such as Helena Christensen, Erin Wasson and Karl Lagerfeld. We get to see where they live as well as how they live and also get to have a look at the objects they collect. The introduction to the book is written by Lesley Arfin who is a columnist for Vice Magazine where she writes the Dear Diary section which is now a book. The Selby is quite a hefty book which contains some wonderful and vibrant pictures of homes that are truly lived in and loved. It demonstrated that with a bit of imagination you can make your home a space that is just right for you and your possessions. 

The picture above is of Todd Selby at the Collette store in Paris launching his book.

The Selby is in your Place is available to buy from amazon.

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