Sunday, 2 May 2010

Home Sweet Home: Open Houses

A few years ago I came across an article in my favourite magazine, Living etc which featured the London home of designer, Morag Myerscough. Her house is unique because not only does it serve as her haven it also holds a gallery as well as a studio. Morag's kitchen is home to the gallery and she showcases work by other designers. I found the idea as using your home as an open space very intriging and planned to visit it. However while browsimg round Hastings over the last Bank Holiday we came across an Open House hosted by Sally Underwood where she uses her lounge to display the work of local artists; knitwear, paintings, drawings, cards, jewellery, ceramics and sculptures are all on display here. She also uses her kitchen as a mini cafe where she serves tea, coffee and cakes. Sally opened up her home as part of an event called Hastings Hot Houses where ten houses in the area are picked to showcase amazing works of art. This is a great event as not only does it bring local artists together it gives you the chance to snap up some fantastic artwork and moreover it is an excuse to have a snoop around a fabulous house.
The Open House movement has rapidly grown into quite a big scene, now there are events in places such as Hove, Brighton and Eastbourne. There is even an Open House website and they have a presence on Twitter and Flickr. The Brighton and Hove Open House Festival kicked off yesterday with homes all over key areas of the city being flung open for visitors to buy artwork directly from the owners. As I am a nosey bugger I just adore the idea of nosing around other people's homes while perusing over a fantastic bit of art. 

Artsts Open Houses Festival takes place over the first four weekends of May. The dates are 1st and 2nd May, 8th and 9th May, 15th and 16th May. 

MIddle picture taken from AOH Artists Open House Flickr page

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