Thursday, 6 May 2010

Home Sweet Home: The World of Interior Magazines

Location. Location. Location. Relocation. Relocation. Relocation. Property Ladder. Houae Doctor, To Buy or Not to Buy, Homes Under the Hammer. Just a taste of all the property programme that were all the rage just a few years ago. Back in 2004 when I bought my first home I could not get enough of these shows and watched them over and over again. Now I can barely stand the sight of them. I also went through the same thing with magazines; Good Homes, Living etc, Elle Deco all became my best friends and I used to spend many an hour pouring over them till I got to the point where even the masthead would make me recoil. Now after an absence of a year or two and a house that needs a revamp, I have rekindled my passion for interior mags. Then they do say that absence makes the heart go fonder. With interior bloggers coming to the forefront it made me wonder what interior magazines they read to get their inspirations so I set out to ask a few of my fav bloggers who write about homes and style what their best publication is.
My favourite interiors magazine is Elle Décor because it has always showcased beautiful and inspiring interiors.  Over the past year, the magazine has made a wonderful transition including more modern homes and highlighting spaces that appeal to everyone whether an interior designer or just a design lover.  The trend spotting is also on point.  The latest feature on the ikat trend was my favourite thus far.  Every month I can't wait for more!
Jeanine Hays
I subscribe to a few different décor publications, but until I discover Domino’s rightful replacement, I’ll continue to resurrect old issues.  It’s my design Bible and is necessary for renewal of the décor mind.  It gives 200 pages of mind-inspiring, creative freshness, while touching the hems of the design elite.  Each section is like a different book of the Bible.  First, there’s the “Old Testament” which consists of decor traditions and wisdom.   Second, is the “New Testament” featuring the four gospels: trends, amazing finds, stylish spaces and today’s designers.  Its book of Revelations isn’t in the magazine itself, but in the inspiration it gives to create a beautiful lifestyle.
Adrienne S.
Mustard Seed Collective
My favourite interiors magazine is Ideal Home. It's mainstream and it's popular but it's always inspiring. I know that the products they feature are going to be things I can actually buy too and the rooms are rooms I can actually see myself living in. As nice as it is to see pics of a château, it's hard to see how that will work in a 1 bedroom flat and Ideal Home doesn't fall into that trap. The magazine really shows you how to use the high street to create an individual look but for the really unique and vintage inspired home ideas I still look to blogs to inspire me rather than magazines.
Jenny Haydon
The Style PA at Home

4 cool comments:

PurpleRamblings said...

I love interiors shows and magazines, so much so that friends consult me when decorating and I end up shopping with them and making accessory, colour and flooring decisions for them. Career change maybe? lol

Tonia {Chic Modern Vintage} said...

WOW, thanks! One of my favorites is Elle Decor. However, most recently I've been reading Australia Vouge Living.

Tiffany said...

I like these magazines too.

WrightStuff said...

I love interiors magazines for a different reason - I like to cut them up and make art with them - or simply get inspired by a style or texture or a feel!!
World of Interiors is gorgeous.