Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Why Did I Get Married Too

never did get round to writing a blog post about Why Did I Get Married, I did a preview post but not a review. So here is a mini recap; Dianne and Terry, Patricia and Gavin, Angela and Marcus, Sheila and Mike are best friends from University who meet up once a year on a vacation for a bit of R&R. However friction is on the cards for all four couples; Terry played by Tyler Perry is unhappy about Dianne’s (played by Sharon Leal) involvement with her job, Patrica played by Janet Jackson and Gavin played by Malik Yoba are struggling to come to terms with the death of their child, Angela played by Tasha Smith and Marcus’ (played by Michael Jai White) constant bickering threatens to form a huge wedge between them and Sheila played by Jill Scott is close to the breaking point with Mike’s (played by Richard T. Jones) emotional abuse. To cut a long story after some serious drama in which Mike spills all the friends secrets this causes all four couples to look carefully at their relationships. Sheila dumps Mike and takes up with Troy played by Lamman Rucker, the sexy sherrif.
Why Did I Get Married Too starts a few years later with the friends gathering the Bahamas for their yearly ritual. Things are a little different now, Dianne and Terry have a little boy and Sheila is married to Troy and they have a baby son. Some things do not change though; Angela and Marcus are still at each other's throat or rather Angela is still at Marcus’s throat. His new job as a sportscaster on CNN is putting a strain on their marriage. Meanwhile Patricia and Gavin are under going a strain of their own with their marriage collapsing around their ears. The other couples still have their issues as well, Sheila and Troy’s move from Colorado to Atlanta means that Troy had to give up his job as a Sherrif and is finding it hard to find work. This has not just put a strain on their finances but also their marriage. Meanwhile Terry has noticed that Dianne has been extra happy for the last few months and is beginning to get suspicious about as to why. Meanwhile there is the small matter of Mike aka Sheila's ex turning up in the Bahamas with the intent of wooing her back.
I really really LOVED this film, ok it did get really cheesy towards the end but it was a wonderful film to watch. The characters were all relatable and warm which really made me really interested in their lives. The script for Why Did I Get Married Too is even more cracking and funny than the first film but it contains a few twists and turns that keep you gripped. On paper, it does not sound that much exciting but it really is a bit of an epic with great cinematography and a fabulous soundtrack. I don't care what anyone says about Tyler Perry, I think he is brilliant. I cannot wait to get my hands on the DVD when it comes out in a six months time. 

For those of you in the UK who missed the screening, Why Did I Get Married Too will be released in the UK.

You can check out the website here.

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Angel said...

I havent seen one let alone the latest one but they both sound great!

Wemi said...

I have only seen the 1st one, actually saw it yesterday. Cant wait to see this, I've heard mixed reviews so I hope I'm not disappointed.