Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Night I Met Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson

Sequels are always met with a certain amount of skepticism, remember The Terminator, Jurasic Park and Die Hard? This is very well deserved because after such a hit movie how on earth can you improve on it. Well those movies did exactly that and lived up to its promise. The sequel to Why Did I Get Married ie Why Did I Get Married Too filled me with a lot of questions such as how will the characters have moved on and what is In store for them  in the second movie. I could not wait to see it so when I heard that there was to be a premiere at The Ritzy with an appearence by Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry I could not believe my ears. I rushed to book my ticket and counted down the days till Friday 21st May.

Yesterday I arrived at Brixton at 7pm to see crowds of people gathered outside The Ritzy waiting in anticipation for Janet and Tyler to arrive. There was even a red carpet laid outside, something I have never seen in Brixton in all my years. We strutted down the red carpet and made our way into the cinema. Later I had to rush out to meet Didi from Virtues of Beauty and I almost ran smack into Mr Perry himself. Talk about rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. The event was due to start at 7.30pm but it started an houir late as the lovely Tyler decided to honour the excited Brit crouds by doing a Tom Cruise. He spent well over 30 minutes on the carpet signing autographs and taking pictures. The man is a legend. About 45 minutes later Tyler Perry made his entrance into screen one and practically everyone got up to take pictures and to applaud this talented director. He gave a very heart warming speech telling us how appreciative he was of our support then he introducded Janet Jackson. Now I have always enviomed Ms Jackson to be a voluptous lady but let me tell you the lady is tiny and that short crop of hers made her look very elfin like. It was a great night and really wonderful to see a Black film made by a Black director given a high profile premiere. Ok it wasn't Leicester Square but last night Brixton had a buzz about it and it was most certainly good to see. (Sorry for the blurry pics, I did try but it was not an easy task taking them).

Review of Why Did I Get Married Too is coming up soon.

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Nicosi said...

OMG sooo jealous!! Love Tyler perry! Can't wait to see the movie. Sounds like you had fun :)

Chic Chocolate said...

That's so cool! Glad you had a chance to hobnob with TP & JJ!! Congrats!

blogoratti said...

Yet to see the movie...but Tyler Perry is a hardworking director.