Friday, 7 May 2010

Home Sweet Home: TGI Friday

Yes it has been a while, in fact it has been an age but here is an exciting installment of TGI Friday but from an interiors perspective. This is where I pick out all the blogs that rocked my world this week.

Ok I cheated a bit as this post was written in April but I love it and just had to share it. For those of you who always have a problem with storage (like I do) this blog post lists some great ways of storing your wares.

Brunch at Saks
Annemarie shows us her inspirations over choosing colours for her home and shares with us lots of yummy pictures from Apartment Therapy.

Lobster and Swan
I love a good cup of tea and Jeska from Lobster and Swan shows off some gorgeous tea that she sighted at Les Carnets de MissClara.

A Bloomsbury Life
Lisa gives us the lowdown of the preview for the Acme gallery. I love the way the magazines are artfully displayed on the floor under the chair.

Design Sponge
Grace salivates over designer, Caitlin Mociun's cool and fabulous open loft home.

Picture taken from Concrete and Honey.

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