Sunday, 27 September 2009

Being Erica

They had me at "You know that girl that seems to have it all, great job and great life? Well that's not me." Wow that could be me talking but it is the voice of Canadian, Erica Strange in the new series, Being Erica. Erica played by Erin Karpluk is 32, single and working in a dead end job in a call centre. Basically her life is the pits and she has to watch her sister and friends waltz about in their glamorous lives and feeling inadequate. She begins to reach her lowest ebb after she is fired from her job and blown out on a date all in one day. She begins to ponder over the bad decisions she has made in her life and how she would do things differently. When she ends up in hospital after a minor accident she meets Dr Tom played by Michael Riley, a counsellor who coaxes her to open up and discuss her life. She makes a list of all the big mistakes she has made that have majorly affected her life and then she makes a startling discovery. That Dr Tom has the power to send her back to her teenage years in order to readdress her mistakes. Each show sees Erica dealing with a different problem and being sent back to the past to rectify it. Being Erica is set in Toronto and is a really funny and heart warming dramadey. You really feel for Erica and her sense of dilemma, she is a really quirky and angsty lady who is in a place in her life that she hates and we get to see how works through it. Plus it gives me an opportunity to fawn over the shots of Toronto and remember my wonderful holiday.

Being Erica will be aired on Monday 28th September on E4 at 10.00pm.

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Glowing Doll said...

You came to visit Toronto?

I'm living in Mississauga at the moment

Ondo Lady said...

Yes I came, I saw and fell for Toronto; left hook and sinker. What is Mississauga like?