Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The September Issue: Review

I finally got to see this last Thursday when I was in New York and it was just as captivating as I hoped it would be. The rave reviews from the critics are well deserved. The idea behind the documentary is to show life behind the closed doors of Vogue and to get into the head of Anna Wintour. The September Issue takes place during the Spring of 2007 where the editorial team of the world's glossiest glossy put together the most important issue of the year. You see, September in magland is like January to us, it is when all the new looks are unveiled and also the month when publishers drop their fatest issue. The September issue of 2007 was the biggest issue ever and has not been beaten since. This film delves onto Ms Wintour and shows the power that she wields over the fashion industry. Such as the pieces that top designers include in their collection, we see her advising a Yves Saint Laurent designer to put some more colour in his new season offering. When Gap are looking a creative consultant Anna puts forward up and coming designer called Thakoon who Michelle Obama is a big fan of.

The documentary also focuses in on Anna's relationship with her staff as well as her daughter, Bee Schaffer who she clearly adores. However key to this story is style director, Grace Coddington who is a massive player to The September Issue. Coddington and Wintour both started at Vogiue on the same day and occasionally have a clash of opinions on what goes in the magazine. Hence we see Grace pissed when 50,000 dollars worth of a fashion shoot that she directed is shelved. Wintour is very much the ice to Coddington's fire but I must point out that despite their differences the two women have the utmost respect for each other. We do hear a few barb wire comments from Anna such as "She looks pregnant" and "This tie is so big it looks pretentious and like it is for blind people." But more often than not she is just precise and to the point. Basically what Anna says goes. She does not mother her staff or act pally with them and she has the ability to make her minions quake in their Jimmy Choos but you know what? I get the impression that is the only way she knows how to be. The September Issue is a hit as far as I am concerned and extremely entertaining. I am so glad that the little indie film that I previewed back in January has received lots of media attention and is on every fashionistas to do list.

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Jessica said...

I have been dying to see this documentary for months now. Can't wait til it comes to a theater near me!