Monday, 14 September 2009

An Ondo Lady in Toronto

I have heard a lot of good things about Toronto so I came with high expectations and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Canada's largest city is a vibrant and exciting metropolis that is also extremely cosmopolitan. In a nutshell it is similar to New York but with a much friendlier and mellow vibe. Whether you are into shopping, arts and culture, sports, food, beaches, architecture or festivals well it is all here in abundance. Akin to NYC the city is set out in blocks and it is amazingly easy to get around via the subway or the trams which run all night by the way. There are some glorious neighbourhoods in Toronto and I spent time trawling through some of them.

Kensington Market
The term funky and eclectic are apparent when describing
Kensington Market. The area has an offering of products all around the world and somewhere you go if you want to purchase that wind chime from China, some art from Nigeria and gifts from the Caribbean. Add in some vintage and second hand shops with tempting cafes and restaurants along with street artists and it is no wonder that this market is regarded as one of the best in North America.

If you are into your labels and chic dining then this is your stomping ground. Designer boutiques and swish restaurants are all the range here and it is truly a gorgeous street to saunter down and I found myself experiencing lifestyle envy. Who wouldn't want to live here with the cobblestone courtyard, antique shops housed in gorge Victorian houses, wonderful clothing and home decor boutiques, cool cafes and art galleries. I can feel myself going green as I type.

Bloor West Village & High Town
Same street but totally different feel and vibe. This is the place where hippiness defines itself. Bloor is filled with hip eateries, boutiques and home decor shops. It is all Eastern European culture here and that means pastry, coffee and a whole lot of culture. The area even has it's own indie cinema.

Queen Street West
This area is not as buzzy as
Kensington and Bloor but it is still a delight to see. Lots of beautiful Victorian houses turned into exciting galleries, boutiques and cafes with colourful decor. This area is style personified what with textiles shops, antique shops and vintage shops. Don't discount Queen Street East where we stayed which also has a great collection of shops.

All in all Toronto is pretty damm fabulous!

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Kwana said...

Fun. Thaks for sharing.

Lipstick Rules said...

Yay for my hometown! Hope you were able to indulge in some great beauty buys while you were here.


Toronto home staging said...

What a nice post. Really, it is good to hear positive stuff about Toronto. Seems like you enjoyed your stay quite a lot. Will there be pics available on your blog?

Regards, Ella.