Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tribal Eye

Whilst wandering around Toronto I came across this adorable shop in the hip Kensington Market. Tribal Eye is owned by Anthony Richards who has been running the store for 25 years. A few weeks ago he launched the shop in trendy Kensington Market and prior to that he was located in the funky Cabbage Town area. He decided to open the shop after falling in love with artwork from various countries in Africa. He used to display the work in a gallery and used to get people asking where they could purchase them. Anthony sources all his African art himself and can tell each customer the history of each piece of artwork in his shop. His work is bought directly from the makers.

A man of very many talents, Anthony's side shuffle is making oils, creams and candles and his clients include The Body Shop. Tribal Eye is much more than a shop that sells African crafts, it is also a gallery that hosts work by African artists. Everything is tastefully displayed and Anthony's personality is as vibrant as his shop. The man knows his stuff whether it is African crafts or organic beauty products he can in-depth about them. If you are ever in Toronto then you need to take a visit to Kensington Market and pop into this shop.

Tribal Eye, 73 Kensington Avenue, Toronto M5T 2K2

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Anonymous said...

It sounds genuinely like a great shop, what a lovely antidote to bland, chain store, homogeneity.

Nice to have you back OL!