Wednesday, 16 September 2009

An Evening with Amy Sohn

One of the great things (and there are many) about being in a vibrant and exciting city like New York is the ridiculous amount of things at your disposal to do. Such as a reading with Amy Sohn, writer of Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell (the other Sex and City book) and Sex and the City: The Movie who has a new book out called, Prospect Park West. As I was making my way down to Barnes and Noble in Tribeca I saw a lady looking effortlessly stylish in a chic black dress in front of me. It was not until I got to the reading section that I realised that the lady was none other than Amy Sohn herself. "Have you come for the reading,?" She asked me in her light voice. I nodded rather writer stuck, Amy Sohn had just spoken to me. I had actually bought my copy of Prospect Park West in Borders earlier but was keen to hear what Amy had to say about the book. She started by reading two chapters of the book - I must admit that I have never attended a book reading in a bookstore before so I did not know what to expect. However Amy's reading really brought the characters to life and made me really glad that I had bought it. Funnily enough her reading reminded me of the penultimate scene of Sex and the City where Carrie reads extracts from her popular book and they even had similar dresses on. :) 

Amy Sohn is a true Brooklynite and grew up in Brooklyn Heights, she and hubby moved to Park Slope in 2004 when she was pregnant with their daughter. An acclaimed writer she has a column in the New York Press and has written for the likes of New York Magazine, Harper's Bazaar and The New York Times Book Review. Prospect Park West is the story of four yummy Mummies who find their lives a bit wanting even though they have the two big things any woman should want; marriage and kids. Prospect Park West is the story Park Slope mothers who do not think they are one. The book is largely based on Amy's life as a mother in Park Slope and the characters are based on the women she has met in that area. The event was great fun with Amy answering questions with a lot of wit and charm. Me being the total book geek I am even queued up so she could sign my copy. During our lil banter she assured me that I would polish the book off in one reading. We should have placed bets. Apparently there is to be a sequel which will feature more of the men. You heard it here first.

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Anonymous said...

Ondo Lady, I love your blog and enjoyed this post.

I was a bit disappointed to read the bit about marriage and kids are the two big things any woman should want. Maybe these aren't your words?

There are hundreds of big things women want, I really don't think 2009 is the time to define ourselves predominantly by marriage and kids.