Wednesday, 2 September 2009

An Ondo Lady in Montreal

Well I am in Montreal and totally out of sync with the dates and blogging. Having spent a week in Hotlanta which failed to live up to its name on Thursday and greeted me with heavy duty rain and thunder; I took up my mate Ola from Diverse Traveller's offer to explore the land of Canada. First of all before I go any further I will rewind and give you a mini breakdown of Atlanta. I spent the time visiting Martin Luther King House and National Historic Site and World of Coca Cola, I also went to the Atlanta History Centre where I found out about the history of Atlanta and how it reinvented itself from just another Southern state to an international city and Underground Atlanta which turned out to be a complete and utter dive. I had a fantastic time particularly at MLK House where the civil rights leader was born and raised as well as the historic centre which paid homage to the legacy of Luther King. During the trip to World of Coca Cola I found out interesting facts about how the beverage is made, sold and packaged and then drank so much coke that I almost rolled out of the place.

Last Monday I took a flight to La Guardia airport in New York City where I met up with my travelling buddy and then we took the shuttle bus to Port Authority and boarded the 11pm to Montreal which got us in at 8am. What can I say about the second largest speaking French city in the world? Well first of all it is full of stunning architecture and everywhere we go we see the most gorgeous houses, the people are friendly and sweet natured and the place has a chilled vibe to it. Hell even the dogs are chilled out and trot down the road all mellow. We are staying in the most gorgeous B&B in central Montreal which is called Bed and Breakfast chez Cynthia; the house is huge and gothic-like Victorian and our hostess Cynthia is so friendly and warm. We really do not want to leave.

Check out the picture at the top with the stunning houses in Montreal, we were practically salivating over them. The one above is of a market in Old Montreal which is very popular with tourists.

5 cool comments:

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Welcome to Canada. Montreal is one of my favorite cities.

pixgremlin said...

Glad you're having a great time out there. Bring back something nice. :-)

MsQuiche said...

Ooooh what a chic looking city. Sounds like you're having fun girl.

Shanti said...

Enjoying yourself I see! Looks gorgeous. Thanks for giving me the holiday blues(!)

Ondo Lady said...

Michelle: Thank you, Montreal is a gorgeous place

Pixgremlin: I am having fun, I have been picking up a few nice things

MsQuiche: Montreal is beautiful

Shanti: Awww holidays blues have their uses, they motivate you to set off somewhere