Monday, 9 August 2010

Be Beautiful: Scandalous Beauty

Erin Bailey describes herself as a Starbucks drinker, make-up enthusiast, Neo-Soul viber and a natural hair rocker but in blogshere she is a superstar. Since she started blogging a few years ago, Erin has become one of the most popular beauty bloggers in the game. Her YouTube video tutorials which gives advice on hair and make up are watched by over 31,000 people and she is the founder of Brown Beauty Blogger, Inc which is a Ning group that acts as a community for women of colour who are into make up. On top of that Erin has been voted Essence magazine's top ten beauty blogger and is also a guest editor of Fashion Bomb Daily. I caught up with her to find out about beauty, life and blogging.

What made you start blogging?
I realised that there weren't too many resources for Brown people who love makeup. I had already been posting makeup looks on message boards for years. So, I created a screenname on Blogger and started writing.

Describe the concept behind Scandalous Beauty?
I love the look of banged out, fierce, sexy makeup.  It doesn't have to be 10 colors, it could be neutral, or just focus on the lip.  Either way, it's all about hot makeup.

Over the last year beauty bloggers have really made their mark in blogsphere, how do you think they will continue to push the boundaries over the next few years?
Hopefully, sooner or later the editorial industry will look at us as resources.  We now have some of the same connections as top beauty editors.

How do you get your inspiration for your posts?
Sometimes it's just looking through a magazine, sometimes it's readers questions.  I always carry a notebook with me because I tend to think of ideas during random times of the day.

What do you do when you are not working on your blog?
I'm probably catching up on episodes on Food Network or Sex & the City. Otherwise, I'm at work. lol

Describe a typical day in the life of Erin Bailey.
Hmmm. Wake up around 7am and make a cup of coffee.  Then I blog, research and email for a few hours. After that, it's off to work. I will start school in a couple of weeks, so it will all change pretty soon.

What are your favourite glossy magazines?
I have to read Essence, because it's almost the only place to see Fashionable Brown Women anymore.  Other than that, I read Elle and Harper's Bazaar, sometimes Vogue.

Name five blogs that you read religiously.
Afrobella, Black Girl with Long Hair, The Fashion Bomb, Steamy Kitchen and Afroniquely You.

How do you see your blog evolving over the next two years?
By then, I'd love for it to be more of an online magazine.  I'm really trying to narrow down my focus, and expand on that.  I'm currently working with my best friend who is a project manager.  She's helping me fine tune the site as far as business goes. I'm beyond excited.

You can read Erin's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter.

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SoFrolushes said...

Lovely. One of the first beauty bloggers and vloggers I began to follow. love her style.

Kwana said...

Thanks for this cool intro. I can't wait to check her out.