Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cosmo on Campus

Student magazines which are written for students by students are two a penny and they range from niche fanzines to truly trendy arts of work to glossy award winning ones. Some even break out of student territory and graduate to full blown grown up status. However, when you think about it there are very few publications that are produced by large companies for the student population. Time Out do a student issue but that is only yearly - well Natmags are producing a publication aimed at this demographic. Cosmo on Campus will hit the streets in during Freshers Week in October and will be packed with features and articles which are geared specifically to 18 - 21 year old females. The aim of the magazine is to entice students into the Cosmopolitan brand and ultimately subscribing to the magazine. There will also be a website with city guides, career advice, how to live on a budget and fashion tips.  The publication will be 56 pages and printed on recycled paper similar to the ones used for Stylist and Shortlist. There will also be a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account.

This is an interesting concept and I cannot wait to see what the outcome will be like. Cosmo on Campus will be published four times a year to coincide with term time and will be distributed to 65 University campus locations.

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Coco's Tea Party said...

Your comment on GG made me laugh. It is so true though - why does Vanessa only know Dan and Nate??? The books were genius and although I like the show it's so flat. Even Blair's character who I think was so much more rounded in the books. I guess they can't really do the whole chain smoking and bulimia thing because it might 'influence' younger viewers but she was much more real.