Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Space - Leon Mayne

Leon Mayne pretty much has his head screwed on for a 23 year old. A budding director, one of the founders of Pbleepd (an entertainment blog and website) as well as the owner of the blog, The Wider Perspective; there is no doubt that he is a talent to watch for the future. As well as a love of the written word, Leon has a penchant for Stacy Dash and a passion for Manchester United. He took time out to share his work space with me. 

Describe the concept of The Wider Perspective
An entree of thoughts, analysis, creative writing and questions shared to the masses (26 followers) by a multi-tasking, multi-charactered and apparently multi-talented 23 year old. I’ve inherited my clich├ęd star sign (Gemini) where some see me as outgoing but the majority think I’m quiet so I use this blog as a way for people to see me from a wider perspective (badoom-chi!). 

Where do you scribe?
Usually in the confines of my bedroom; either on my bed with the laptop or at my desk with the PC. 

Why that place?
I guess because it’s where I first created the blog and so it acts as the benchmark for my musings. It’s my source of comfort and where I tend to do most of my work from a creative point of view. I get distracted if I’m anywhere else, the ADD levels soar.

What is on your bed at the moment?
My trusty laptop, my active Blackberry, couple of neo-soul CDs, notes for some Pbleepd articles, script ideas and my annoying younger brother. Oh and this box of Viennese whirls...they’re a real man’s biscuit... 

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall ie photos, magazine cuttings or extracts?
My wall is absolutely bare, I guess it’s a subconscious inspiration to fill the emptiness - that or I just didn’t want to put anything on my wall. My usual inspiration comes from music, it’s what got me through Uni assignments so I’ve stuck with it since. That and my head, ideas run wild in there.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
A bit of both to be honest; I try to keep my room tidy as much as possible but because I’m working on different projects I’ve always got sheets of paper about. In fact I need to tidy up right now.  

You can check out Leon's blog here.
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