Friday, 16 October 2009

TGI Friday

Have a look at all the blogs that rocked my world this week.

Girl With a Satchel
Our favourite magazine blog discusses the situation of cover mounts on glossy magazines.

There was a time when picking out a PC meant settling for a boring black option but now PC laptop companies have stepped up their game and now offer a moutwatering selection of colours. Yinka gives us the lowdown on the new range from Dell.

Once again travel fares in London go up but the service does not improve. Read K-Hart's woes about this distressing situation.

Mad News Blog
X Factor heated up our screens with the live finals last week where pop star, Robbie Williams made an appearance. Janice Mad News shares her thoughts with us.

Waltzing Matilda
Facebook is not for everyone and Matilda tells us why.

Picture is taken from Girl With a Satchel.