Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My Space - Marian Kihogo

I have always wondered what stylists did with their time. How they spent their day, how many shopping hours they put in, the kind of travelling they did and how many luscious designer labels they got their mitts on. Marion Kihogo is a stylist, personal shopper as well as a fashion writer and the UK correspondent of French publication Dirrty Glam. She also has a self named blog where she writes all her musings about the fashion scene. She has decided to share her space with me. 

Describe the concept of Marian Kihogo.
My blog is a mix of my adventures as a fashion stylist and writer (i.e. backstage at editorial fashion shoots, at fashion events,styling personal clients,PR appoinments, etc), stylish obsessions, my inspirations, my daily outfits and features/interviews with fashion and style insiders and influencers etc. So simply put…it’s just a mini peek into my work and style (both the gore and gloryJ) as well asinterviews with the inspiring and all things stylish. 

Where do you scribe?
I blog from the corner of my couch usually in a little ball like a cat. 

Why that place?
I just seem to find it more comfortable then the desk. I think the couch works as I get to put my feet up as I simultaneously watch TV, talk to clients, pull garments from PR, research, type articles or blog etc.
What is on your couch at the moment?
Wow, as I type, I am stuck on the couch with what seems like a gazillion blankets, a box of tissues, a huge chocolate bar, my cell phone, a DVD box set of Sex and the City, half a bag of Haribo gold bears, a box of cough mixture, my mini Samsung laptop which I affectionately call Sandy (don't ask :o) lol), three random pound coins that keep digging into back, some painkillers, my broken camera, an infinite number of cushions which keep falling to the floor, an international phone card to call my Mum or else she will call incessantly from worry and odd pairs of cashmere socks. Hahaha that is a lot for a three seater couch but I am currently home bound with the flu and it's my survival kit. 

What form of inspiration do you have on the walls? 
Oh I do not have anything on my walls per say but from my corner of the couch I  do have a kick ass view of the River Thames which is always inspiring (if it counts). Also on my laptop I have a lot of images collected over the years from vintage editorials, present day editorials, street style images, compelling photos of a host of things, a LOT of mood boards and the like. They are great for drawing inspiration from, so I am constantly going through my gigantic image folder. 

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a neat worker?
Tidy? I wish! I am a messy worker to say the least. If I am blogging, writing fashion articles etc I just seem to thrive best in a little mess. I do not how the mess gets there but by the time I am done I am surrounded in a mountain of stuff. 

You can check out Marian's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter here,

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Anonymous said...

Great post.i really like your feature and questions!big fan of marian,she is so inspiring and the nicest blogger her couch and decor.bookmarking your page!

lulured said...

Just found your site via marians twitter.this my space interview is so cool x marians answers are so fab.thanks for a personable piece.really get a sense of her personality ...

Anonymous said...

She's a girl after my own heart... a glam sofa, pillow and throw, and Sex & the City DVDs. That's how you do it!

LANA said...

OMG can M get any more drawn to how approachable she is even though she has a wicked aparment,my dream job, fab style AND super model legs for days. Met her at fashion week and she is truely a sweet gracious person. She was late for a show but made to talk to me.will the space be a regular feature?hope so as its very fun. LANA.

Anonymous said...

inspired by her endlessly.I shall visit your blog agin

Abby K. said...

I'm having a total love affair with Marian's blog and her work as a stylist. I've been lucky to work with her so I know first hand she's got the whole package!

Meg said...

Great interview!