Friday, 23 October 2009

TGI Friday

Once again here are a list of blog posts that hit a nerve for me this week.

Mustard Seed Collective
Adrienne kicks off her 'In Her Shoes' series with a look at films with some serious foot fashion in it.

The Wider Perspective
We are often asked whether hip hop is dead but what about R&B? Mr Mayne discusses this intruiging topic here.

Fashion Journalist in the City
LG Fashion Week in Toronto took place, here is an inside account of the Joe Fresh Style show.

Disney Roller Girl
I didn't get an invite to the Anthropologie preview show but Disney Roller Girl did. Here is her take on the event.

Stylist and the City
Read all about the new MTV reality series, STYL'D that follows five junior stylists who set out to make a name for themselves.

Picture takem from Mustard Seed Collective.

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Marian said...

yummy links as ever to check them out. Have a great weekend ahead