Friday, 30 October 2009

TGI Friday

At last it is Friday and the weekend is upon us. Once again here are a list of links that have caught my eye this week.

The Feminista Files
It is almost a year since Barack Obama was elected President of the USA and to commenrate this New York Times Magazine published a 10 page story. Read our favourite feminista's blog post on this article.

Pretty Stylish London
Last week the lovely Eva threw a Pink Pamper Party to raise funds for cancer. Sadly I couldn't make it but here are the pictures from the glam event.

There are zillions of blogs out there; some good and some even better. Afrobella spills the beans on how to start up a fabulous blog.

Disney Roller Girl
DSR introduces us to the quartet behind Underlining Colours, a new arty magazine that has hit the streets.

If Wishes Were Clothes Horses
With Borders gone we now need someone to flick through magazines while we wait for late mates. Bring on RD Franks, a delicious mag shop that carries titles from far and away.

Picture taken from The Feminista Files.

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